What does Fixamac Detection do?

» Alerts you to problems that often go unnoticed... until it's too late

» Protects you from losing valuable data

» Keeps you in the know about what's going on behind the scenes of your computer


How does it work?

A small program is installed on your computer.

It does NOT collect any personal data

It does NOT affect your computer's performance

Our program scans your computer hourly and reports all findings to our team

Our team will review the findings and contact you immediately if there are any issues

Every month we will email you a report about the overall health of your system

Monthly Subscription

Only $15 per month
  • Hard Drive Capacity - if your hard drive becomes filled to a degree that would interfere with the function of your operating system, it could lead to slower performance and data loss.
  • Hard Drive Failure - corruption and mechanical failures can lead to hardware failure. Hard drive failure will lead to a total loss of all data on the drive.
  • Malware - malware is malicious software designed to install unwanted applications, steal valuable information, or encrypt data and hold it for ransom.
  • RAM - RAM errors can cause a degradation in performance and may even prevent the computer from booting successfully.
  • Battery Life - laptop batteries have a limited number of charge cycles before perfomance begins to degrade.
  • Kernal Panics - frequent kernal panic events (locked up screen) could be a sign of a larger problem related to software corruption or hardware defect.
  • Monthly System Health Report emailed to you so you always know where you stand.
  • Plus over 100 additional issues monitored daily!

Yearly Subscription

Only $150 per year
  • Save $$ with our prepaid year discount!
  • Includes all the same alerts and features as our monthly subscription!
  • Cancel anytime - no contract!