Business Solutions

» Custom-built databases

» Cloud storage integrations

» Email designed for your business

» Service and support that comes to you!

Apps and Databases

Businesses need a way to keep their data organized, searchable and accessible.

We help you build the right tool that’s not overly complex and does exactly what your business needs, all for the right price.

  • CRM
  • Invoicing
  • Project management
  • Field research
  • Supply management
  • Inventory tracking
  • Event planning
  • Campaign management
  • Contact management
  • and much more!


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Email Solutions

Business users don’t care about mail servers. They simply care that their email works, that it’s secure, and delivers the flexibility that users want and expect.

We use Kerio Connect because it’s stable -- so you can focus on your business rather than unexpected downtime and recovery. Deployment and administration are simple by design. With low licensing, service and hardware costs, Kerio Connect delivers excellent performance at a value price.


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Cloud - The freedom of hosting your own data

We can design and help you implement a system of data storage that is secure, affordable, and free of the limitations of 3rdparty programs such as dropbox, iCloud, etc.

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